Technical product developer

Tielt Day

For this function, we have a growth plan in mind. The person who does the job now (Jan), will retire middle 2024, for this reason we are looking pro active for a new product developer

You will learn the job, the sector and the product under the wings of Jan until you are able to manage a project yourself. You will join a team of 8 colleagues.

  • In this function you will be the one to take initiative to transfer ideas and market trends in our products and collections. You will make proposals to develop new yarns, products, styles, technologies,...
  • At the start you will work as a project support and develop yourself to a true leader in these projects. These projects will go from concept to finished product, you will follow the development and production steps.
  • Admin tasks like making the working instructions, list with the correct material, preparation papers for the labo,... will also be part of the job.
  • Your main contact will be with production, labo and supply chain. The external communication will be with suppliers to shape your ideas.
  • During the whole life cycle of the product you will communicate with the production and you will make improvements and optimizations.
  • On monthly base you will visit fairs, shops and suppliers to follow the market trends.

What qualities are we looking for?

  • A background or experience in textile or the chemical world.
  • A real trend watcher, we want someone who's Pinterest is full of interior trends.(although this is not a hard demand)
  • The combination of a creative vision with the technical insight to check the feasibility from the carpets.
  • Experience in the yarn, extrusion, tuft, coating processes or printing processes would be a big asset.
  • Because you will be THE person who manages the projects, we are looking for someone who grabs the things and makes them work.

What will you get in return?

  • A salary that we like to talk about with you.
  • Groups insurance.
  • Meal vouchers from €7,95.
  • 36 days of holiday on a yearly base.
  • A growth plan with the guidance from an expert.
  • Flexible hours and the opportunity to work 1 day/week from home.